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  • Resisting closed platforms with the open Web

    Simon commented on the state of the Web in a recent post: Thanks to the open web it was possible to create massive platforms, which inevitably became closed. He asks an important question: Do we now abandon the open web or is it essential for keeping the closed platforms in check? I think the only […]

  • Geeking out with IndieWeb and Micro.blog

    Nathan mentioned me in a conversation recently that prompted me to revisit Micro.blog. I backed Micro.blog on Kickstarter initially, created my account when it launched, and then didn’t really return to it after initially testing it out. I took another look today, and noticed that my blog posts have been shared to my Micro.blog feed […]

  • I’m not sure what webmention badges are, but they sound interesting

    Chris Aldrich mentioned something about using “webmention badges” on a project site: This would have made it easier to send webmention-based badges which could have been done by creating a badge page on which he could have added simple links to all of the student pages that had earned them. I’m not sure what these […]

  • My Feedly wishlist

    My Feedly wishlist

    I’ve been using Feedly for many years. It is my go-to feed reader and it’s a central feature in my information diet. Inspired by Richard MacManus’ article, I thought I’d share my Feedly wishlist.

  • The Open Web is not a hot topic for most people. It’s pretty esoteric and it will probably remain the domain of a pretty small group of people for years to come. Still, it’s an important cause.

  • How to Indiewebify your site

    Richard MacManus has an introductory post about IndieWebifying his blog and I think I’m going to dig into the process a little more and add more IndieWeb elements to my site.

  • AltPlatform and a conversation about the Open Web

    I’ve been a big believer in the Open Web for some time and I was pretty excited to discover that Richard MacManus and a few other writers have launched AltPlatform.org, a non-profit publication focused on the Open Web.

  • The curious announcement that Pinboard has acquired Delicious

    I’m not sure what to make of the announcement that Pinboard has acquired Delicious. If Maciej Ceglowski did, indeed, buy the service to preserve the bookmarks then that is a good thing for the open Web.