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  • Twitter is where I go to feel bad

    Twitter is where I go to feel bad

    I just shared this thought about Twitter, Mastodon and Tumblr on Mastodon, and thought I’d share it here too. I feel like Twitter is where I go to feel bad out, well, everything. Mastodon is where I go to lose myself in interesting and generally uplifting posts about all sorts of topics (so much so […]

  • Going dark on Twitter

    Going dark on Twitter

    Although I have been on Mastodon since about 2016, I only started using it pretty actively in the last month or so. Since then I have grown to really enjoy using the service. There are increasing numbers of people joining various Mastodon instances and enriching the broader Mastodon network. I have almost stopped using Twitter […]

  • Setting up my own Mastodon instance

    Setting up my own Mastodon instance

    I decided to set up my own Mastodon instance (❓what is Mastodon?). I was pretty happy being on the mastodon.social instance. It was my first instance that I joined back in 2016 and it was my first introduction to this terrific service. As the broader Mastodon network has grown, public instances have had to adapt […]

  • Rethinking Mastodon

    Rethinking Mastodon

    I’ve been pretty interested in Mastodon as a Twitter alternative, at least until I noticed Brent Simmons’ post. He linked to Wil Wheaton’s post titled “The world is a terrible place right now, and that’s largely because it is what we make it” in which Wheaton described a particularly unpleasant, and unexpected experience on Mastodon: […]

  • Elephants all the way down

    I’ve been trying to follow discussions about a return to blogs as a preferred, personal publishing tool, and how they could integrate with Mastodon. One technology that comes up as a possible way to connect blogs to Mastodon is WebSub (formerly PubSubHubbub). I read a bit about using Bridgy Fed to do this a while […]

  • The Mastodon in the room

    The Mastodon in the room

    I read Patrick Hogan’s post about Mastodon titled “Mastodon makes the internet feel like home again” last week. It prompted me to install a Mastodon app on my phone again, and take another look.