Not just another WordPress vs everything else

A quiet moment on a weekend away with my wife

I love that there are so many options for people who want to publish their words online these days. I was researching a topic for a blog post for the imonomy blog (I am employed by imonomy as a Content Marketing Specialist) and my colleague, Shirley Pattison (read her stuff, she writes about fascinating topics),…… Continue reading Not just another WordPress vs everything else

Meet some of my new imonomy colleagues

Avishai swooping in to capture a moment with Shiri

I’ve been pretty busy since I started working at imonomy (an in-image advertising company) as a Content Marketing Specialist. I have been planning a post with some thoughts about our new routine here in Israel (eventually) but, in the meantime, meet some of my newer imonomy colleagues: // Post by Imonomy.