Tag: flowers

  • Adolescent sunflowers

    My wife and son are growing various plants on our balcony, including three sunflowers. As with most adolescents, they are tall, gawky, and show great potential!

  • Pretty with pink

    It’s a bit early for Spring but these pretty flowers are starting to bloom.

  • Flower bed

    This is a pretty good Dad joke, I think. 😂

  • Pretty Purple

    Pretty Purple

    I often walk to the supermarket for our weekly shop. This morning I noticed these pretty purple flowers (roses?) on a street corner. Google Photos tries hard to come up with creative variations. Its attempt for this one didn’t quite work out, though:

  • Flowers and Construction on a Sunny Spring Morning

    I went for a walk this morning to drop off some (long) overdue library books. I took my camera along with me for a change.

  • Little Red Flowers

    These flowers seem to all over Modiin. I have no idea what they’re called but they’re pretty.

  • Beautiful pink and white flowers

    I noticed these pink and white flowers a few days ago and took a couple photos on my phone. I returned yesterday and took more photos with my DSLR and I like the look.

  • I just watched this mesmerising video of these beautiful flowers opening with my daughter. Great start to a day.