Tag: Film

  • A contingency plan

    This video is titled “Inseparable” and it is a pretty disturbing and powerful hypothetical:

  • Moving beyond physical media

    I received Thor from Amazon today and headed off to my nearest iStore to buy an external SuperDrive for my MacBook Air so I could sneak a peak at the movie over lunch. I walked in, took down the R799 item from the shelf and noticed how hefty it felt in my hand. Looking at…

  • The Way

    This movie, The Way, looks like a great movie. I’m looking forward to seeing this even though it is probably going to be a really emotional father-son movie. If you haven’t come across the trailer before, the movie is set on the trail known as the Camino de Santiago which is supposed to be one…

  • The new Man of Steel revealed!

    DC Comics has released the first photo of Henry Cavill as the new Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel movie. Very interesting and dark look! We are still about 2 years away from the movie’s release (14 June 2013) but I am already pretty excited to see more.

  • If you ever had a boss you couldn't stand

    … this is the movie for you:

  • Adventures of TinTin coming to the big screen

    I’m not exactly a huge TinTin fan but this movie is another must see! Just take a look at this trailer:

  • Immortals trailer (from the Can't Freaking Wait Department)

    I found this Immortals trailer in iTunes last night and it looks like an awesome movie. The movie’s feel is very 300 (the producers did 300, I think): By the way, Henry Cavill is going to be the next Superman in Man of Steel planned for 2012. I can sort of see him as Superman…

  • New Green Lantern trailer will blow your hair back

    If you enjoyed the original Green Lantern trailer then this new, expanded trailer from WonderCon will blow your hair back. This year is shaping up to be a big year for superhero movies between Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America. I am buzzing just thinking about them and I’ve only been awake for 50 minutes.…