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  • This year looks like it will be Marvel’s year with a number of movies coming out. I just watched this full Captain America trailer and the movie looks awesome: I am also really excited about Thor which comes out in May: I haven’t been a big Marvel comics fan (my preferences have been in the […]

  • We had a rainy Sunday afternoon and settled in to watch Star Trek again. Both our kids dozed for about half the movie and we watched the end of it more or less together. I managed to get a relatively decent shot of my and my daughter sitting together.

  • I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that is 2010 tomorrow. I realised that according to some popular science fiction stories, we should have ships somewhere in orbit around Jupiter by now. Science fiction stories like 2010 are curious stories. 2010 was set in the context of tension between the United States […]

  • Warning: this post may offend sensitive people, small furry animals and Christian fundamentalists still toiling in the 1800s – sadly my sarcasm filter broke and I won’t have a new one installed till Tuesday.  Please don’t think I hate Christians, some of my best friends are Christians.  Honest. I couldn’t resist writing this post when […]

  • Cloverfield

    I just watched the full trailer for a new JJ Abrams movie coming out in January 2008.  It is apparently a monster movie along the lines of a Godzilla but written for the USA.  Here is a basic synopsis from the official site: Now watch the teaser trailer.  It is reminiscent of the Blair Witch […]

  • I just noticed on IMDB that today is Zach Braff‘s birthday. Zach is the genius behind Scrubs and is in a new movie called The Ex which I am looking forward to seeing. Here is a trailer from YouTube:

  • Mel Gibson was giving a speech recently at the Cal State Northridge about his movie Apocalypto (saw it, was pretty hectic and I enjoyed it) and he was challenged on his portrayal of the Mayans by an authority on the topic.  His response was less than friendly … Ok, he told the academic to "fuck […]

  • I was flipping through some videos from Boston Legal on YouTube and came across this gem.  I haven’t seen this episode yet but I gather the basic issue is that the US Department of Homeland Security maintains a list of people who are not permitted to fly across the USA, presumably because Homeland Security deems […]