Why Harry Potter wasn’t lost in translation

Some of the most widely translated books are the Harry Potter book series. It turns out that the translations weren’t a simple matter.

Trump’s American fascism was the stuff of 20th century fiction

Is Donald Trump fulfilling numerous prophecies of the rise of American fascism that were published in the first half of the 20th century? It certainly seems to be happening. Even if it isn’t, those predictions are worth paying attention to.

The NeverEnding Story finally makes sense to me

I watched The NeverEnding Story with our kids this evening and it all finally made sense to me, partly with the help of a quote by Neil Gaiman.

“I believe that repressing ideas spreads ideas”

I read a Brain Pickings article about Neil Gaiman’s thoughts about writing, fiction and ideas this morning. I had to share some of my favourite quotes with you.

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