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  • 100 Lightroom presets and nothing looks good

    100 Lightroom presets and nothing looks good

    Today is turning out to be one of those rare days when none of my Lightroom presets look vaguely appealing.

  • It’s a running thing

    It’s a running thing

    Running and movies, all spliced together.

  • Weird blue fringing in Lightroom 5 editing window

    I updated to Lightroom 5 as part of my Creative Cloud subscription and I noticed this weird blue fringing that manifests in the editing preview window in version 5. I didn’t see this in version 4 and it doesn’t affect the image output itself. It seems to occur only when I intensify blacks or shadows.…

  • Colours and contrasts with flowers

    I went for a walk the other day with my camera in my neighbourhood and came across some beautiful subject matter. I’m not sure whether I really ever do subject matter like this justice when I shoot it but I feel compelled to capture it as best I can regardless. Two things stood out for…

  • When lawyers kill fairies

    A fairy dies every time lawyers create documents that look as dense as this. And yes, we’re partly to blame for the fairy population devastation by participating in this madness. I’m resisting the urge to totally reformat this document …