DnD Beyond catching up with Sly Flourish

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

I enjoying reading/watching Sly Flourish’s content. I think I’m slowly becoming a better GM thanks to his advice. He has a great set of interviews with the @DnDBeyond that are worth watching. Here's the initial discussion about the #ReturnoftheLazyDM approach: https://youtu.be/CkeVuX6rXsc Also enjoying this discussion about the super helpful encounter builder and combat tracker on…… Continue reading DnD Beyond catching up with Sly Flourish

I popped on to the Book Depository site to check out the availability of the D&D Monster Manual, and spotted a 12 year old edition: I don't think I ever used that older edition, it's not available, but I still felt a little tempted!  Even though I prefer digital formats when it comes to… Continue reading Tempted by an older Monster Manual edition

Exploring Notion as an Evernote alternative

I found myself exploring Notion as an Evernote alernative again, yesterday. I looked at it briefly about a year ago, and it didn’t seem like something that was worth switching to at the time. After all, I’ve been using Evernote for years, and given how much I was using Evernote, I wasn’t sure that investing…… Continue reading Exploring Notion as an Evernote alternative

Jocks playing Dungeons and Dragons

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When you think about the types of people who play the game, you probably don’t think of jocks playing Dungeons and Dragons, but they do. The stereotypical DnD player is probably a pimply teenager in their basement, or something, but this doesn’t give you an accurate picture of who is playing the game these days…… Continue reading Jocks playing Dungeons and Dragons