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  • 45


    45 feels like a milestone, although I couldn’t tell you which milestone it is, aside from a vaguely significant number. At least, 45 seems more significant than 44, or even 46, with the next big number being 50. I’ve taken a couple days off to celebrate my birthday, and have a mini-staycation after a particularly…

  • My 44th birthday was a good day

    My 44th birthday was a good day

    Yesterday was my 44th birthday. 🎉 Great expectations I realised I felt a little internal pressure to do something amazing, wonderful, or remarkable. I just couldn’t think of anything. In the past, I watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” on my birthday as a sort of personal birthday tradition. I still love that movie,…

  • Birthday balloons on Twitter 🎈

    Some platforms present a little something special on your birthday. Twitter has balloons that float up over your screen when you visit your profile page on your birthday. I get a kick out of seeing this every year! 😁

  • 43


    Another year has passed, and it’s my birthday again! 🎉 Quite a lot has changed in the last year. Last year, I looked back on 2017, and where my path had taken me. I pretty much ended my retrospective with the following: While I don’t have all the answers (not even remotely), perhaps being 42…

  • 42


    Today is my birthday, I’m 42. This year has been an interesting one, to say the least. I’ve been thinking about what to write about it for a couple months and, as I sit here writing this, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it.

  • Thoughts about my father and fatherhood on his birthday

    Thoughts about my father and fatherhood on his birthday

    Even though I almost always feel like I am falling short of my expectations of what it is to be a good father, perhaps having those expectations is a testament to my father.

  • A birthday, a radio interview and a magazine profile made for a crazy, awesome day

    Wow, today was a crazy and awesome day for me. Today is my firm’s birthday so we celebrated with cupcakes which we delivered to some of our clients to say thanks for their support over the years. I only saw them at the end of this crazy day and ate two of them in quick…

  • Birthday @UberEllis

    I do some work for Cerebra and I was at Cerebra’s offices when the staff gathered to celebrate Andre Ellis‘ birthday. Birthdays at Cerebra are great and I’ve only seen the office stuff. The staff gather in the kitchen area, sing happy birthday to the lucky birthday person and there is cake. Its a terrific…