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This song goes well with the smell of apples and cinnamon

My wife baked an apple crumble for us this cold and rainy afternoon. As the smell of apples and cinnamon filled it apartment, this song, Mountain Air by Cody Francis, was playing on Spotify:

As song and smell pairings go, this is a good one!

Update: Here’s what that smell was all about:

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My wife baked sour dough bread from scratch

My wife is a talented woman! This last weekend she baked sour dough bread for us that went really well with her home-made chicken soup. If you are into baking, take a look at her post titled “A lesson in patience“:

A lesson in patience

What impressed me was that she grew the yeast she used to make the bread. I didn’t think about documenting that process before but I’ll make sure I do for next time. As I understand it, she grew the initial yeast, used some of it for the bread she baked over the weekend and left the rest of the yeast to continue growing. I forgot the term she used for it (I want to say “culture” but it’s not that).

Of course I took a few photos of the baking process (my roles are usually taking photos of her culinary process and enjoying it afterwards).

2016-01-16 Gina made sour dough bread