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  • I am watching a couple episodes from MyNameIsBill and came across this one I enjoyed: Another reason SA Rocks … Technorati Tags:mynameisbill, cape town, first world, sa rocks, video podcast

  • I heard about a video of a hectic car chase and came across this video showing a man attempting to flee the police. I am not sure what his injuries were but they could have been a lot worse … assuming he survived. Car Chase Crash – The best free videos are right here Technorati […]

  • Wouldn’t that be something? Sure you can fly to Cape Town/Joburg in 2 hours or less but consider the cost which can be up to R2 000 or so per person, return. Imagine making that trip by train instead for considerably less (ok, I am guessing on prices). Take a look at this test run […]

  • What a moron: Man drives Cherokee into the sea. I reckon he made up the story about the fight and wanted to see if there was any truth to those ads depicting 4X4s driving in the ocean.  If he didn’t make it up then he is a complete moron for risking his wife’s and his […]