Why lawyers are special

Dave Winer has a great post on why lawyers are special. I had a bit of a laugh when I saw this. This paragraph pretty much sums it up:

But — people are scared of “outing” lawyers who misbehave because when a lawyer gets mad, he or she can destroy you. I suppose a doctor can too, but that’s a little too scary to contemplate — let’s hope that doesn’t actually happen. But lawyers try to destroy people as a matter of everyday business. Non-lawyers just accept it with a shoulder-shrug.

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Enough to drive a person to piracy

I really dig the Nelly Furtado track “Say it right” and I have been looking for a place I can buy the single from online and I am at a loss.

Nelly Furtado.jpgOh sure the song is on iTunes and I would love to be able to buy it there (along with loads of other music) but the powers that be at Apple have deemed us South Africans unworthy and because I don’t have the right credit card and foreign address details to spoof the system, I am left with very few legal options.

Sure, one option is to just go out there and buy the album … have you seen what these things cost lately? A CD costs R150. Wow! Ok, so I haven’t bought a CD in a while but I really remember when they were a lot cheaper. Another option is to go to a store that sells Windows Media Audio encoded music (shudder!) and buy the song there, rip it to a CD and then import into iTunes (which probably isn’t legal so that isn’t a great option either) but the one local option likely to have the song, Musica, told me that Internet Explorer 7 was the wrong browser for the site (I needed IE 6 or better – just not IE 7) and that was the end of that idea.

So instead we are once again left in this dusty backwater town on the Web, not trusted to buy music from the iTunes store despite what must be the tremendous success of the iPod here in South Africa (witness the iPodcast competition being promoted by Apple SA). This really pisses me off. No wonder some people pirate music, they are not given legal options to buy music online if they are not in a major market. I mean seriously, what does it really cost to open the iTunes Store here (even without the movies and TV series we will get to in 5 years time when our TV networks decide to put them on – another rant) and let us Saffas buy loads of music from the store? Doesn’t Apple like our money? It seems to love our money when we spend it in the Apple store or on Apple products, so why not online, in the iTunes Store where we could rather spend all our money buying music from Apple than from the likes of Look & Listen and Musica?

And you know the worst part of it all? No-one from Apple is going to tell us when we can expect to be blessed with access to the iTunes Store. All we will get is a bland, unhelpful statement that there are no plans to open the iTunes Store in South Africa this century, or at all. Aside from quality issues with recent Apple products, this is the one thing that really brings me to despise Apple on days like this.

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It’s Zach Braff’s birthday

I just noticed on IMDB that today is Zach Braff‘s birthday.

Zach is the genius behind Scrubs and is in a new movie called The Ex which I am looking forward to seeing. Here is a trailer from YouTube:

The fun things people do to their friends …

I have been looking around at Vimeo a little this evening and came across this video showing the fun things people do to their friends …

Nick vs. The Internet on Vimeo

That first one got me nicely the first time I saw it too …

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Naked, chocolate Jesus … who gets to eat what?

I just saw this story on Reuters about how a Manhattan art gallery cancelled its plans to exhibit a life-sized chocolate Jesus, sans the loincloth. What I am wondering is who gets to eat which bits and is there greater significance attached to different body parts … ?

(Image source: Stuff.co.nz)

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Men have no focus …

Got this from a friend by email:


This is why men shouldn’t write in to magazines …

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Mel Gibson doesn’t like to be wrong

Mel Gibson was giving a speech recently at the Cal State Northridge about his movie Apocalypto (saw it, was pretty hectic and I enjoyed it) and he was challenged on his portrayal of the Mayans by an authority on the topic.  His response was less than friendly …

Ok, he told the academic to "fuck off".  Nice.  Very mature.  Good to see he is confident in his research and portrayal of yet another ancient culture.

(Source: The Superficial)

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Imagine … multi-touch tablets

I was skimming this article on Apple Insider about rumours of a "mega platform" based on Apple’s multi-touch interface that we saw on the upcoming iPhone.  It got me thinking about my ideal machine and when I think about the possible application of the multi-touch interface combined with substantial storage, both on the device and on the Net and extensive wireless capabilities … wow!

Suddenly the handheld devices we saw in Star Trek episodes aren’t quite so futuristic …

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