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  • Hey N97, let's be friends (its not me, its you)

    This post has been an idea in my head, bouncing around while I debate what to write about my Nokia N97. I was hoping I could tell you that the phone performs even better than I expected, satisfies all my needs and is undoubtedly the best phone ever … like, ever! Sadly, I can’t do […]

  • Nokia launches the N97, N86 8MP and Ovi Store in South Africa

    Nokia launched the much anticipated N97 as well as a hot little camera focussed phone, the N86 8MP at a launch hosted at Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg on Thursday, 16 July 2009. It also made a number of announcements about the Ovi Store and a competition launched for local developers. I captured some of […]

  • Looking under the hood – the Symbian OS

    I have been given an opportunity to chat to David Rivas, Nokia’s Vice President Product & Technology Management about the Symbian operating system. There has been quite a lot of talk about how shoddy the series 60 user interface is and it got me wondering about the operating system itself, under the UI, so I […]

  • How the Seattle Coffee Co. (Killarney Mall) ripped me off!

    I’ve been a Seattle Coffee Co. fan for years now. My favourite store is the Hyde Park Corner store followed by Rosebank, Nelson Mandela Square and Killarney Mall stores tied for 2nd. I’ve probably been a Seattle fan since the chain opened in Joburg and I have had pretty much the same thing for most […]

  • A few thoughts about the Nokia E75

    I had an opportunity to use the Nokia E75 a couple weeks ago. It has taken me a while to sit down and let you know what I think about the E75. I prepared a short video review which I have embedded below. I apologise for the terrible audio volume, I seem to have had […]

  • I love the new iPhone 3G S

    Oh boy, I dig the new iPhone 3G S! This is what the iPhone should have been last year and possibly even when it first launched. I think Apple has actually produced an iPhone I could see myself owning, happily. I have been excited when Apple launched its previous two iPhone models and was disappointed […]

  • Awesome new Nokia N97 videos

    I just watched this new ad and it is brilliant. Watch for the variation of the welcome screen at the beginning of the video – love it! (via @LeoMckay) Update: I just came across these two videos which are pretty cool too. The one focuses on the N97’s Facebook application functionality and the other on […]

  • I found N: first impressions of a Nokia N97

    I received a pre-release Nokia N97 from Nokia SA yesterday to take a look at and test for a couple weeks. The version I received is not the same version that will be shipped but it is probably pretty close. In a sense this is a release candidate so there is still a chance the […]