Microsoft to buy Yahoo! for $50 billion? … Perhaps not!

Ok, it seems the deal won’t be happening after all. According to Om Malik, the talks didn’t even get off the ground. Scoble wasn’t surprised either: I’ll tell ya one thing, though. It sure made for interesting conversation with a Yahoo employee I met tonight. We were starting to draw up where value would be […]

Hollard’s call centre that doesn’t really handle calls

My wife has a fascinating and highly entertaining story about her experiences with Hollard after I was involved in an accident in her car recently. I don’t want to steal her thunder (it is a really entertaining story) but this is the highlight for me: “Its a call centre and as such its very difficult […]

Legal Services Charter to boost black lawyers

This story in Sunday Times raises some interesting issues. On the one hand black lawyers (and advocates in particular) have not had such an easy time even in the new South Africa. Advocates work on a referral basis so it is not easy for new advocates and unknowns to break into the profession and develop […]

We need more “whiney bastards” in the SA blogosphere

I just had a chat with Vincent about the Awards debate and we pretty much came to the conclusion that the real cause for concern is probably (most likely) not the processes that were employed in the voting and judging stages but rather what was (or wasn’t) said about them.  There are people who become […]

Spanning Sync sneaks in “free trial”

Spanning Sync, the cool utility that allows Mac users to synchronise Google Calendar and iCal (both ways) has emerged from beta testing as version 1.0.  This is great news and as soon as I found out, I downloaded the latest update and installed it.  I should have been a little more cautious though, when I […]

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