Microsoft to buy Yahoo! for $50 billion? … Perhaps not!

Ok, it seems the deal won’t be happening after all. According to Om Malik, the talks didn’t even get off the ground. Scoble wasn’t surprised either:

I’ll tell ya one thing, though. It sure made for interesting conversation with a Yahoo employee I met tonight. We were starting to draw up where value would be built and where it’d be destroyed. There were a lot of places it would be destroyed and if two guys drinking beer can figure that out in half an hour, I’m sure that caused smarter people than us to put on the brakes. For instance one of Yahoo’s biggest properties is its email service. But that’s one of Microsoft’s biggest properties too (aka Hotmail).

Oh well, I was really hoping there would be some truth to the rumours. It would have made for one heck of a story. I wonder if Google might buy Yahoo! then?

(Source: Engadget)

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