My favourite science shows

When I sit down to have lunch with our kids, I typically watch my favourite science shows on YouTube. I have three (give or take):

I’m pretty sure our kids enjoy the shows, I certainly do. I also realised that there’s some overlap between the SciShow channels, and the PBS Eons channel in that SciShow’s one main host, Hank Green, also seems to be hosting some PBS Eons shows. In addition, Blake de Pastino both hosts PBS Eons, and writes content for SciShow.

This probably doesn’t mean all that much to you if you’re not familiar with the shows, but it was a bit like finding that two flavours of ice cream that you generally enjoy separately, taste pretty good when combined. Or something like that.

If you enjoy good quality science shows, then definitely take a look at these shows.






3 responses to “My favourite science shows

  1. macgenie avatar

    @pauljacobson Thank you for the recommendations! Just this morning I was thinking I need to watch some quality stuff on YouTube and start clearing out all the potentially depressing clips in YouTube’s recommendations for me, a preponderance of true crime, aviation disasters, and reality junk. I’m curious to see if I can shift the balance.

    1. Paul avatar

      @macgenie Thanks for your feedback!

      A great way to clear those recommendations is to selectively remove items in your History, or just purge it!

      Next step, watch awesome videos (and ignore the inevitable dodgy recommendations that arrive anyway).

  2. pauljacobson avatar

    @macgenie Hi, thanks for your feedback. I was trying to send a webmention reply from my site, and failed miserably.

    Now and then, I clear my YouTube watched history to reset my recommendations. It mostly works.

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