Bill Gates at Hioe Charity Forum

All the good Bill Gates is doing

Of course it isn’t just Bill Gates, but he, his wife, and all the people who work with him are doing tremendous good. Still, I totally agree with Dave Winer here:

We often wait to say the good things about people until they’re gone and can’t hear it. I just wanted to say about Bill Gates, he’s doing good now. Standing up for science at a time when that can save a lot of lives, maybe even save our civilization. He doesn’t have to take a risk now, he could, like other super rich people, isolate himself perfectly and ride out the storm quietly. Instead he’s put himself out there, standing for what’s right, and you know what, that’s good, and thanks to him for doing that

Dave Winer

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Featured image: Bill Gates at Hioe Charity Forum by Greg Rubenstein, licensed CC BY 2.0





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