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Your journey into the Personal-Website-Verse

I really enjoyed reading Matthias Ott’s post titled Into the Personal-Website-Verse. It’s an essay about why it’s so important to have your own space on the Web, and why IndieWeb is a great way to get there. It’s well worth the read.

There are many reasons to have your own site, at your own domain, that you control. Aside from retaining effective control over your content, the risk of entrusting our stories, and our content to centralised services like social networks is arguably greater:

One day, Twitter and other publishing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Medium will indeed die, like so many sites before them. And every time this happens, we lose most of the content we created and with it a fair amount of our collective cultural history.

Matthias Ott

There are so many options for creating a personal site including WordPress.com*, Micro.blog, GitHub Pages, Squarespace, and many more. I prefer platforms that let me take my content out, and move it to another platform if I decide to. I think you should too.

*And yes, as you know, I’m partial to WordPress as a long-time user, and because I work for Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.

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    I really enjoyed @m_ott‘s post titled “Into the Personal-Website-Verse”. It’s a terrific essay explaining why you should have a personal website, at your own domain, and not just entrust your content to centralised services.… pauljacobson.me/b/Cmx

  2. Matthias Ott avatar

    Hi Paul! Thank you so much for sharing my post and writing about it! You’re also right that there are so many options out there for creating a personal site. That’s why I’m already working on a follow-up post about this…

  3. Matthias Ott avatar

    Including a section about WordPress and the great work you all do at @automattic, of course.

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    I’m looking forward to your follow-up!

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