Touring Mini Israel and exploring Israeli tanks

Last weekend we hired a car, and went out for much of the day on the Saturday. We opted for two local attractions:

Mini Israel

Mini Israel is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a park with miniature versions of various Israeli cities, and attractions. I had been there with our son on a class trip once before. This was the first time the whole family had gone, and we had a great time.

Park Latrun

I had heard about the tank museum, but hadn’t had a chance to visit before we took this trip. It’s pretty close to Mini Israel, so it’s very possible to take in both attractions in one day. As you may expect, there are a lot of tanks at this museum.

The range includes tanks from the beginning of Israel’s history more than 70 years ago, as well as the IDF’s current main battle tank, the Merkava 4. The museum also serves as a memorial for the many Israeli soldiers who have died in our wars, as well as a tribute to our soldiers who safeguard Israel today.

We had a really nice day out. I’m glad we had a chance to visit these two attractions, and I look forward to going back some day.





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