Write: where handwriting and digital editing meet

Write is a curious product. The goal is to take your handwritten notes, and make them editable in a digital format. You have to watch the demo video to really see how this works:

I’m not sure what to think about it. I take handwritten notes quite a bit these days, so the idea of making my handwritten notes more useful to me than a static PDF or image (at the moment, I capture many of my handwritten notes into Evernote where they’re OCR’d – hypothetically).

At the same time, being able to edit my notes almost like I’d edit typed notes seems a little weird. One of the reasons that handwritten notes are helpful is because writing apparently helps improve retention, and because I don’t need to open an app on a device to take notes. I can just open my notebook and start writing.

Bringing those notes into a digital editor seems to remove some of the benefit of writing in the first place. Or perhaps a better way to think about this is to see it as a sort of post-processing stage where you take your raw notes, and finish them off in some way.






4 responses to “Write: where handwriting and digital editing meet

  1. Jason Bagley avatar

    Wow, that is some next level AI and is super impressive!

    I do like taking notes, but don’t necessarily want to edit them or have them captured digitally. If I do want to capture them digitally, I do so manually so that I’m basically recalling the info a 2nd time.

    1. Paul avatar

      Re-typing notes just adds way too much overhead than I have time for, so I capture into Evernote, and hope the OCR technology can read my handwriting.

  2. Rachel avatar

    I really like taking handwritten notes and have been looking for a way to make them digital in a non-static way. I have been thinking for a while about something like reMarkable: https://remarkable.com/

    It feels like a better solution to me, since it’s all handwritten and like using paper for the whole process, but without the paper. 🙂

    1. Paul avatar

      That’s a really interesting device! It looks like it would work best if you prefer to read PDF and ePub docs/books.

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