A feed reader that lets me comment and like?

I use Feedly to subscribe to sites that I follow. I was just reading through some of the feeds, and I realised that I don’t seem to have a way to give feedback on posts, from Feedly.

For example, if I read something that I like, I’d like to, well, “Like” the post, or leave a comment from my feed reader.

The only feed reader that has this capability is the WordPress.com Reader, and that’s pretty much focused on WordPress sites.

Do other feed readers do this too? 🤔






4 responses to “A feed reader that lets me comment and like?

  1. Arun Sathiya avatar

    I think the limitation is something that has to do with the CMS/blog service not offering API for engagement from third-party apps, and is not caused by Feedly and the likes.

    1. Paul avatar

      Good point! That said, I’d like to see integrations in feed readers into those platforms. It must be possible to create similar integrations into sites using APIs from the relevant platforms.

    2. Paul avatar

      I’m sure several CMSes offer APIs that enable these sorts of interactions.

    3. Paul avatar

      This reader model is pretty much along these lines. The PressForward implementation is really interesting too.

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