Spectacular views of Rome from Gianicolo Hill

On one of the days I was in Rome, we hiked up Gianicolo Hill (I’m just calling it that, it may have a better name). It was a nice hike up from the area we were staying in to what seems like a popular vantage point where you can see much of Rome.

The views of Rome from Gianicolo Hill are pretty spectacular. You can get a sense of the history of the city when you look out at the buildings ahead of you. It’s pretty remarkable.


You can literally see much of Rome from there. The view actually reminds me of the view from the Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town.


We arrived there late in the afternoon. We were due to meet up with the rest of our team at Pappa Rex Ristorante, near our hotel, for dinner so we didn’t hang around very long.

Still, it was a good hike up there, and back down again. It was certainly a great way to work up an appetite for dinner at what became our go-to restaurant for most of our meals.

You can find higher resolution versions of my photos here.





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