Mobile blogging shouldn’t be this hard in 2017

Is it just me or is mobile blogging still much harder than it should be in 2017? Why is it still such a convoluted process to quote something, easily add links and publish something appetising from a mobile device?

Or maybe I’m just using the wrong tools …





3 responses to “Mobile blogging shouldn’t be this hard in 2017

  1. nuclearpengy avatar

    The Ghost mobile web UI is quite functional, the WordPress admin seems quite responsive and then there’s the WordPress mobile app; quoting and adding links should be super easy.

    1. Paul avatar

      The WordPress app is pretty good. I think what I’m frustrated with is that blogging on mobile needs to be a little different to blogging on a desktop.

      It’s much easier to copy/paste, edit and do other stuff in a desktop environment than on mobile. I’d love to be able to highlight text, send it to the WP app and have it appear as a blockquote with the link inserted somewhere in a useful format.

      That sort of thing.

  2. nuclearpengy avatar

    The WP app would either need much tighter OS and browser integration or you’d need to be using a “reading” app that is tightly integrated with your blog’s publishing functionality to enable a workflow that fluid.

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