What happens after lead generation?

I’m very much in lead generation mode lately. It is a major theme for our department (the marketing department, of course!) and for me in particular.

My primary goal this next quarter is to optimise our company blog to generate more leads for our sales team. It is a terrific challenge for me to learn more about how to write content that converts more effectively and I’m pretty excited about expanding my skill set even further.

I noticed a great Q&A article on Inbound.org which asks an important question:

We talk so much about generating leads, but there’s a less sexy topic that rarely gets discussed – what happens after you get a new lead?

The first response by Josh Garofalo is just fantastic and when I started reading it I knew I had to share it, even though it isn’t my usual material on this blog. I noticed the link on Facebook. You can also link directly to the post on Inbound.org.


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