Do you breakdance like this?

Did you breakdance like this in the 80s?

Did you breakdance in the 1980s? I remember that being huge 30 years ago and I think I even tried to breakdance, once. I thought it disappeared soon after that but it looks like breakdancing is either back or is has resurfaced as a “thing”. I saw some guys breakdancing outside our local mall in Modi’in yesterday and had to smile.

I explained to our kids that this was a big thing about 30 years ago. It took my son a moment to get his head around how long ago that was. He also explained to me that the Hebrew term for it is, predictably, ברקדנס (sounds like “breakdance”).

When I think about it I can’t help but wonder if it has the same meaning for people doing it now that it did back in the day? I mean, it was big before most of the “kids” doing it today were born. That said, when I see stuff like this, it impresses me even more:

And this (really bad audio but wow!):

If you want a taste of breakdancing in the 1980s, take a look at this funky video of Vin Diesel breakdancing back in the day:

I think I remember seeing the movie this next clip came from. It is dubbed, a bit, but it really gives you an idea of the culture back then.

Thank goodness the fashions have changed. I really don’t miss 1980s fashion sense (even though parts of my wardrobe still seem like they came from the 1980s). There is something cool about seeing kids outside a mall with music and mat trying this stuff out and trying to look cool about the attention. Not everything about the 80s is cringeworthy. Well, except maybe these spandex outfits:

Image credit: Vancouver Photo Walk w/ HundredNorth by Kris Krug, licensed CC BY SA 2.0


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