Does it matter that Stephen Fry has quit Twitter?

Stephen Fry has left Twitter. He said he has deactivated his profile and is done with Twitter.

It’s no big deal – as it shouldn’t be. But yes, for anyone interested I have indeed deactivated my twitter account. I’ve ‘left’ twitter before, of course: many people have time off from it whether they are in the public eye or not. Think of it as not much more than leaving a room. I like to believe I haven’t slammed the door, much less stalked off in a huff throwing my toys out of the pram as I go or however one should phrase it. It’s quite simple really: the room had started to smell. Really quite bad.

On the one hand it seems significant that a celebrity who has been pretty prolific on Twitter has walked away from it because of what it has come to represent to him. On the other hand, I’m not sure if this is significant, mostly because I wonder just how significant Twitter itself is, in the Scheme of Things.

One thing for sure, though, is that this is going to pop up in your feeds a couple times in the coming days.

Read the rest of his post titled “Too many people have peed in the pool”.

Image credit: Stephen Fry @ BorderKitchen by Marco Raaphorst, licensed CC BY 2.0






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  1. Nathan Jeffery avatar

    The engagement rate on Twitter is so low that from a brand perspective it’s probably not worth the effort publishing anything but definitely worth the time and effort to listen to what others are saying.

    From a personal perspective, there is still a lot of interesting content on Twitter, it’s just a point of finding the right people to follow and not following brands. 🙂

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