I’ve been thinking about why people use ad blockers and paying attention to how publishers are responding to the ad blocker phenomenon. It is a fascinating development that highlights pretty deep-seated dissatisfaction with the state of online advertising and an industry a little too caught up in what it can do and not what it should do.

I received some feedback on a guest post I submitted for publication on a content aggregation platform that inspired me to spend almost 4 days researching and writing a series I called “Ad Blocker Strategies” (most of that time home sick with borderline pneumonia) which has been published on imonomy’s blog.

I usually don’t usually share or promote my “work” articles here but I am pretty pleased with this piece. It runs to almost 6,000 words and represents my better work. It is split into three parts and here they are:

Ad Blocker Strategies – Ad Blockers Awaken

Ad Blocker Strategies – Publishers Strike Back

Ad Blocker Strategies – A New Hope For Publishers

Let me know what you think? I’m sure we’ll also release a consolidated version as a PDF in the coming weeks and share it on the imonomy blog.

Update (2016-01-17): Business2Community published a guest article I submitted to it titled “A Case Study In Industry Responses To Ad Blocking” which is, roughly, an extract from the Ad Blocker Series.

Image credit: Business newspaper reading by Olu Eletu, released under a CC0 Dedication.

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