Data analysis in Google Sheets

For someone who isn’t a big data-oriented person, every little bit of help I can get to interpret data I work with every day is welcome. I use Google Drive – particularly Docs and Sheets – as my primary work productivity platform.

You can see automatic charts and analysis based on the data in your spreadsheet using the Explore feature. Find patterns in your data and add the charts directly to your spreadsheet.

I just noticed a feature in Google Sheets called “Explore” which is awesome. It is basically data analysis in Google Sheets:

I’ve been secretly hoping for something like this to make its way into Sheets for a while and although it won’t replace any spreadsheet ninja analysts any time soon, it makes my life a lot easier. Now I just have to work out how to use it effectively.

On a related note did you see that you can do voice typing in Google Docs too?


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