Ubuntu, Debian and other Linux things that confuse me a little

I just read a newsy post about Ubuntu 15.04’s release and Debian 8.0’s release tomorrow and it reminded me about something that I’m curious about as a Linux user: is it possible to run Debian on top of Ubuntu or are they mutually exclusive? Is it more appropriate to talk about replacing Ubuntu’s UI with GNOME? I think I remember something about Ubuntu being based on Debian?

(Did I just commit some form of heresy?)

From what little I understand, part of an Ubuntu experience is the underlying system and another part is almost like a skin that can be swapped out for, say, Mint. I’m just not very clear on how this stuff all works. Any insights for a newbie?






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  1. Nathan Jeffery avatar

    Ubuntu is built on top of Debian.
    Mint is built on top of Ubuntu.

    We run Debian servers in production and Mint machines for developer workstations. 🙂

    1. Paul avatar


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