A Zionist Spring has begun, join today

Our friend, Rolene Marks, is in South Africa this week talking to people about a new movement called The Zionist Spring. If you haven’t heard about The Zionist Spring yet, here is a brief introduction:

The Zionist Spring is a grassroots initiative dedicated to restoring the greatness and vitality of the Zionist movement. The Zionist Spring is not a political party, rather we are a voice of the Jewish people demanding that Zionism become once again relevant in our daily lives. We want to involve, endorse and support EVERY other organization that shares our vision. We bring you the way to demonstrate your passion and commitment practically…by shaping the decisions of this movement through the upcoming World Zionist Congress, the ‘Parliament of the Jewish people.’

If you come across Rolene online, on radio or in person, you can’t help but notice her passion for Israel and Zionism and that passion permeates virtually everything she does. I asked her why people should join The Zionist Spring and this is what she said:

We’re helping Rolene spread the word and we’d like you to register today. All you need to do is fill out this form and send it to Rolene (her details are on the form). You can also fax it to me and I’ll pass it along to her (my fax number is +27 86 683 1731). Ideally, register before the end of the day tomorrow (31 October) so Rolene can include your membership in her drive to establish The Zionist Spring in the broader community structures and make sure your voice counts on a global scale.

To me, this is movement is very relevant today when unity in our community is so critical, regardless of your political views. As Rolene put it in her article in the SA Jewish Report:

We are going back to basics – with a modern twist. We support the Jerusalem programme. We believe in developing the unity of the Jewish people, especially at this critical time when anti-Semitism is reaching alarming levels. We support Aliyah and effective integration, strengthening the democratic nature of the country by playing a role in shaping an exemplary society. We hope to ensure the Jewish future through education, the Hebrew language and fighting rising anti-Semitism in its various forms. We do not forsake our responsibility to look after and green the land according to Jewish values.

Download the form and register today.


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