Removing the annoying blinking cursor in Firefox

One of the reasons I stopped using Firefox as my primary browser was something pretty small, but annoying: a seemingly random cursor on the screen. I couldn’t work out how to stop it from appearing when I clicked on the screen until I found this forum post titled “Firefox shows a blinking “edit” cursor in the body of all websites when I click” –

Clicking a button within a webpage puts a blinking text cursor in the body of the site, as if editing a Word document. It’s not causing any other problems besides being really annoying and distracting, but it only just started today. I’ve tried restarting Firefox with add-ons disabled, as well as reinstalling Firefox clean.

Fortunately the solution turns out to be pretty simple:

This is likely caused by switching on caret browsing and you can toggle caret browsing on/off by pressing F7 (Mac: fn + F7).





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