Great GTD overview to coincide with OmniFocus 2 for iPad

Omni Group, the company that produces a number of terrific productivity apps that I use, has just released OmniFocus 2 for iPad. It is a long-awaited overhaul that updates the app in line with the Mac and iPhone versions. I rely on OmniFocus heavily and use it several times a day. It is such a useful and powerful app that it is probably the single biggest tether I have to iOS and Mac OS (not that I dislike iOS/Mac OS but if I were going to switch to a different platform, OmniFocus would be very hard to replace).

Anyway, Omni Group published a great Getting Things Done (aka GTD) overview video which is worth watching, even if you don’t use OmniFocus. The video takes you through GTD at a fairly high level and is a great starting point if you find yourself lost in a sea of email and working largely reactively.

On that note, I have a long overdue “weakly” review to get back to …





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  1. Chris Foley avatar

    OK. I gotta shop at OmniGrocer. Is that a Seattle chain?

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