Law blogs as content marketing

Kevin O’Keefe wrote a post recently titled “Are law blogs content marketing?“.

I view stories like this as the height of citizen journalism. Covering things that have gone uncovered until now for which the public, or at least a segment of the public, has a keen interest.

Also over the last couple days, I have run across countless articles, inside and outside the legal industry, on “content marketing.” Not an altogether bad idea, but I am at a loss as to why blogs, especially law blogs, would be labeled content marketing.

It’s an interesting question. I’ve always considered my business blogs (take a look at Web•Tech•Law’s blog) as important parts of my business marketing efforts. These blogs help facilitate an expanded awareness of the topics I write about and showcase the stuff I’m thinking about and working with along with the services I offer.

I hadn’t thought about my blogs as a form of “citizen journalism”, though. I suppose there is some of that there too.


What do you think?

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