Can WordPress do this?

Web•Tech•Law’s site currently runs on Squarespace which is a remarkable platform. My site is coming up for renewal this month and I’m deciding whether to renew my subscription or move my site to another platform. WordPress came to mind first even though I tend to think of it as a blog system (legacy thinking, I guess) and not the flexible CMS it really seems to be.

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My current site has two blogs integrated into the site. The one is “Our work” and the other is “Our insights“. I have a number of static pages and a couple forms which feed into services like MailChimp. The Squarespace hosting platform is pretty solid and that is a win. This blog goes down from time to time and it really doesn’t attract much traffic. I host this site on Hostgator (pretty cheap and loads of capacity in my hosting package).

So what is the state of WordPress these days? Can it do what I do on Squarespace? Is it worth moving? My monthly subscription on my current package (the Professional, I believe) is $20 and an annual subscription is $192. Spending this much or more doesn’t make a move worthwhile although buying a decent WordPress theme can cost around half of this.

Any thoughts? I’m tending towards sticking with Squarespace but I am interested in alternatives if I am being silly about staying where I am.


  1. Aubrey avatar

    WordPress can definitely do what you want, and it will probably be cheaper in the long run, but you’ll have an upfront cost if you get somebody else to setup the WordPress installation for you. If you get good support from your current hosting arrangement, and you’re happy with the current setup, then it’s probably just worth renewing annually and carry on with life.

  2. Nathan Jeffery avatar

    WordPress can do substantially more than just be a blog – The more projects we use it for, the more I see it can be pretty hard core.

    If you’d like to run two separate thoughts as almost different blogs, tag the posts you’d like to show up in a specific feed and create a menu button linking to the tag page.

    If you add a forms plugin like formidable pro, you can also do some pretty slick stuff.

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