100 000 Photos of Hope and a few of my own

100 000 Photos of Hope poster

We took a drive to Melrose Arch to see what the Sunflower Fund‘s 100 000 Photos of Hope exhibition and donor drive. The event’s supporters included Nikon South Africa, IVOK, Pix Magazine and the Photo & Film Expo. I’d been thinking about taking my camera out for some exercise (I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t taken many photos outside of my recent shoot for my wife’s blog post about making vanilla essence). I thought this would be a great chance to do that and I was right.

When we arrived the Afrikaans band, Wysdiman, was performing in the square outside Moyo. I hadn’t heard their music before but they did play the first Afrikaans version of NIN’s Hurt (as covered by Johnny Cash) which was pretty cool. I got a little carried away with my photos of the band playing …

100 000 Photos of Hope-32

100 000 Photos of Hope-10

There are quite a few more photos of the band in my Flickr set and in my Google+ Photo album.

100 000 Photos of Hope-34

Of course the event wasn’t all about the one band. It was also about raising funds for the Sunflower Fund by selling photos contributed by both professionals and amateurs. I walked away with 3 great A4 prints home home and my office. I got a kick out of seeing Nikon South Africa’s people at the event doing photos of visitors.

100 000 Photos of Hope-37

Nikon South Africa’s Facebook Page has more photos from the event so be sure to take a look. Their photos include this one of me taking photos:

The Sunflower Fund took photo donations from photographers to stock this exhibition and I am definitely going to donate a couple of my photos for the next event, whenever that is.


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