OmniOutliner for iPad envy

This OmniOutliner for iPad video makes me want to go back to using OmniOutliner for my notes!

I used to use OmniOutliner on my Mac for all my notes (I especially used it for meeting notes) and when Nastassja joined me in January with her PC laptop, we needed a way to share notes so we switched to Evernote for all our meeting and other notes. Evernote lacks the powerful outlining options OmniOutliner has but we can sync our notes (well, with the exception of Nastassja’s iPad which has a weird sync bug) but its easier to share notes in a convenient location.

Evernote is probably still a better option for us for what we need to do but OmniOutliner appeals to the productivity nerd in me.


What do you think?

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