A lesson on how to behave when caught speeding from @garethcliff

I just watched Gareth Cliff’s arrest video and what strikes me is that he doesn’t behave like a self-righteous celeb when he is arrested (at least, we didn’t see anything in the video suggesting he behaved like that) and when he was interviewed afterwards, he basically said he was careless and accepted that there will be consequences to his actions.

Update: I noticed this on the front page of a newspaper (could have been The Citizen, I’m not sure):

Integrity and Gareth Cliff

Cliff pleaded guilty in the Pretoria Magistrates Court and acknowledged that his actions were “wrong”. He was sentenced to 6 months’ prison or a R10 000 fine. He didn’t make a fuss, try get out of this through his lawyers. He admitted he was wrong and has probably paid the fine already.

When I look at the photo of Gareth Cliff walking down the court’s steps, I think to myself: “This is what integrity looks like”.






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