Evernote ninja and my 2nd borked database

I am an Evernote ninja. I have managed to maim my local database for the 2nd time and did it so expertly, I’m not even sure how I managed it.

Actually, I do have a thought or two. I realised that I have a lot (really, a lot) of tags which either aren’t being used by any notes or are used once or twice. It seems that all those tags are slowing Evernote down, so much so that anything I do with tags makes Evernote unusable for a few minutes or so. So, armed with this hypothesis, I decided to delete all the tags with 2 and few uses. Unfortunately the act of selecting all those tags was enough to crash Evernote and every time I opened the app after Force Quitting it on my Mac, Evernote remembered which tags I selected and tried to do that again, crashing the app all over again.

I’m backing up all 12GB of my local database and then I am going to remove Evernote from my laptop and download it all again. I should be done in March.






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