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We were invited to Intel’s Shift Ultra event at the Rosebank Crowne Plaza this evening. When we arrived we were greeted by a number of unimpressive Lenovo netbooks which I mistook for the Lenovo Ultrabook, blogged about them and then deleted the post when I realized I was very wrong.

The Ultrabook only appeared later, during the formal part of the event as it was being passed from person to person. By the time the Ultrabook got to me the battery had died. It felt pretty lightweight, slim and had a slightly industrial feel. It reminded me of the old Toshiba laptops that came out over a decade ago and were known for being so slim. It is a very slim device and I am sure it will make many Windows and, I dare say it, Linux users very happy.

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The highlights of the evening for me were Gareth Cliff‘s talk about the importance of doing the work you love; adding value and being interested and opinionated (he was talking about having opinions and being proud of them as opposed to being an ass) and Tats Nkonzo‘s performance. Both were fantastic, inspiring and entertaining.

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Oh, by the way, if you are invited to a Lenovo and/or Intel event and it happens around meal time, grab a bite to eat beforehand. The snacks come out after the presentations.







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