Put down your phone, get some perspective on social media

Louis CK, fast becoming one of my favorite comedians, made a terrific point about social media and perspective on Conan O’Brien’s show recently: we lack perspective for the most part and should probably put our phones down once in a while and look at the world around us. Just for a bit.

I am definitely guilty of this and spend far too much time with my phone in my hand, looking at the screen. This is a great reminder to put the otherwise awesome and magical device down for a change and spend some time in the real world (as opposed to the frenetic virtual one).

For me, a great starting point is putting my iPhone down beside my bed when I get home and leaving it there till the next morning. It means I get to be far more present with my wife and kids than if the phone is in my pocket or in my hand. I don’t always remember and when I do put the phone down it definitely feels weird but it is practically a necessity.



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