My continuing blog identity crisis

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Just a couple months after flooding my followers’ Twitter streams and migrating my Tumblr blog posts to this blog, I’m switching back. At the time I made the switch my thinking was along the following lines:

I also found I was posting to this blog, to Tumblr and to Posterous with varying degrees of frequency and I much prefer to simplify that. My blog presence is way too fragmented so I decided to migrate the Tumblr posts here and develop a workflow to post on the go as well as with MarsEdit. My solution for the time being is to set my Posterous site up to autopost to my blog so I can use my iPhone to post on the go. Looks like it may work.

I thought I would just make this blog my general personal blog and publish everything here but the one thing I didn’t anticipate is how awkward I would feel posting stuff about my family here. This blog hasn’t really been a personal blog in the sense of publishing family and friends related stuff and that is what I used my Tumblr blog for. Moving everything here didn’t really fix that. I still prefer using this blog for general thumb-suck stuff, vaguely relating to tech and the Web.

I’ve been tempted to toss this blog thing out the window and just use Twitter, Facebook and a couple profile pages but I always have a need for a blog where I can publish mildly insightful posts and thoughts. Blogs are just as relevant now as they have ever been and I actually like writing for my blogs. What I’m not too comfortable with is publishing photos of my kids and general life stuff to this blog, for some reason. It just feels a bit inappropriate so I am going to switch back to my Tumblr blog for that stuff.

There is a lot about Tumblr to like and, at the same time, the prospect of being at Tumblr’s mercy is a little worrying. Thankfully the smart people at WooThemes have solved that problem with an Tumblr 2 WordPress export tool so my data should be portable going forward, even if it is a manual process.

Tumblr just released a new version of its iPhone app which is terrific. I tried using the WordPress iPhone app to publish stuff to my blog and it works but it just isn’t as easy to use as the Tumblr iPhone app. That ease of use makes a big difference when you want to grab a photo and throw it up. I have also been using my Tumblr blog to publish photos I take with Instagram. It works well. So anyway, that is that.

(I should also point out for people who don’t know me that well that I am a little erratic when it comes to my blog so I could change my mind in the near future).






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