My iPod Classic/MacBook Pro analogy

I made a pretty broad statement on Twitter a little earlier this evening as follows: “The MacBook/Pro is to the MacBook Air as the iPod Classic is to the iPod Touch”.

The analogy came under criticism almost immediately and understandably if it was understood to say that the MacBook/Pro line is technically inferior to the MacBook Air. It clearly isn’t, at least not at the moment. The MacBook Pro is faster, more powerful and has more storage capacity than the Air, among other things.

What I was getting at is that the Air is likely to emerge as consumers’ preferred choice down the line with what could be a Sandybridge processor, Thunderbolt port and perhaps better graphics processor along with its solid state drive which already gives it quite a speed boost out the box.

The MacBook Pro is a powerhouse and with Apple’s emphasis on laptops, could and probably already is a popular choice for anyone who needs raw power and capacity. A larger group of consumers probably don’t need that power and will opt for the slimmer Air which seems like it could also become Apple’s flagship laptop range.

In broad terms, the iPod classic is the workhorse of the iPod range. It’s storage capacity dwarf’s other iPods and its primary purposes are to hold a lot of content and play audio content. The iPod Touch running on iOS is Apple’s flagship iPod despite lacking the storage capacity of the iPod classic. Between these two devices, the iPod classic’s larger capacity gives way to the iPod Touch’s design, operating system and form factor.

While the MacBook Pro is more powerful, it is a clunker compared to the Air. The Air could see processor and other upgrades when it next revs and those upgrades could take it from a nice to have but poor cousin to the MacBook Pro to a very feasible work machine for most users who don’t need the MacBook Pro’s power and capacity.

Granted my analogy is hardly perfect but I think it holds some water. The Air has come a long way since it was first released as an over-priced and under-powered Dodo. It’s not done yet.



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