NetNewsWire acquired by Black Pixel

I tend to use Feedly as my feed reader but I have been waiting for the much anticipated version 4.0 update to one of the best desktop feed readers around, NetNewsWire, for some time now. Version 4.0 of the Lite version has been on the Mac App store for a little while now but the full version hasn’t been forthcoming. I had pretty much relegated version 4.0 to the distinctly Nice-to-have-but-not-really-relevant category and then came across this interesting news about its acquisition by iOS development company, Black Pixel:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Black Pixel has acquired NetNewsWire, the beloved family of RSS reader applications developed by legendary Cocoa developer Brent Simmons.

NetNewsWire will continue to be developed on iOS and Mac OS X Lion. Formal announcements about roadmap and future releases will be made after Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference has wrapped up. If you are planning on coming to WWDC this year, please look for us. We’d love to meet you.

The NetNewsWire blog post is here.

Like most of Mac- and iOSdom, I am pretty excited about WWDC which starts tomorrow in the US. I am keen to see what will be in iOS5. I am also curious to find out more about what lies ahead for NNW.







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