What happens to all the South African incubated startups?

Bird nest

I’ve been thinking and chatting to some people about Google’s recent announcement of its new incubator here in South Africa, Umbono. One question which has popped up and which I don’t have an answer for is what generally happens to these startups over time? They presumably reach a point where they either don’t pan out or develop well enough to leave the safety of the incubator and venture out into the world.

What happens then? There must be statistics of how many startups tend to succeed and whether they remain local or go beyond our borders? Umbono is the latest of a few great, local initiatives which include Bandwidth Barn, Silicon Cape and ISLabs, an Internet Solutions initiative, which Justin Spratt ran until his departure for Quirk a little while ago.

Does anyone have any thoughts, info or data?

Image credit: Bird nest by ianew, licensed CC BY NC SA 2.0

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