An interview with Adii, local rockstar and inspiration


Charl Norman conducted a terrific interview with an inspirational South African entrepreneur, Adriaan Pienaar, better known as Adii. If you haven’t heard of or come across Adii, here is a little info from his site:

Adii Rockstar (born Adriaan Pienaar) is an entrepreneur, the co-founder of the very successful online startup WooThemes and a general creator of Rockstar Awesomeness. Along with being a serial entrepreneur, he is also a designer & developer (CSS, PHP & WordPress), which has spawned his other company – a boutique design & development agency – Radiiate.

Adii talks about his various activities including the Rockstar Foundation which aims to cultivate new, young women rockstars by helping to educate young, disadvantaged girls and giving them access to more opportunities than they may have had otherwise.

I have only had a couple opportunities to chat to Adii and he stands out, for me at least, as one of South Africa’s most inspiring entrepreneurs. If you don’t follow him already, you are missing out. Oh, and in case you thought I have a little hero worship (I do), I’m not the only one.

Photo credit: Rockstar by Adii, all rights reserved.

You can find more of Adii’s fantastic photos on Flickr. Love his work.







  1. adii avatar

    Thanks for the very kind words Paul! 🙂

  2. pauljacobson avatar

    You’re welcome Adii. Thanks for your work in the space. Your Tumblr export tool is particularly handy!

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