What an awesome photo of Max Kaizen

M in b+w
M in b+w a photo by cscott2006 on Flickr.

This terrific photo of one of my favourite local thinkers caught my eye when I loaded Flickr a few minutes ago.

The colour photo is also awesome!

M in colour

Wow, great photo!


  • I forgot to credit the photo, thanks to Max for reminding me! (Got so carried away by the photo, clean forgot)
  • I fixed the attribution to acknowledge Paul and Catherine Scott’s respective contributions.

Photo credits:

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By Paul

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  1. PAUL! awesomeness, thank you.
    And it’s CC licensed BY SA of course. AT long last we’ve had a chance to have a Creative Commons meetup and get our team photos together. Next steps, photos of the thoroughly excellent people like YOU who contribute your time and expertise to the legal license and cultural life of CC ZA.

  2. haha I would love to take credit for this – Paul Scott actually TOOK the photo, I just fiddled with it a bit. 🙂

  3. haha that’s too funny. All legal and such 🙂 “fiddled” – might be my new favourite editing process as of now

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