3 000 posts and trundling along

This blog has just officially reached a milestone. I have published 3 000 posts on this blog in its various incarnations over the years. I started blogging in about December 2004 and this blog has changed names, been split into many blogs, combined into a single one … rinse and repeat.

This is the current state of my blog:

3 000 posts milestone

Here are a couple factoids about my blog which, admittedly, only passingly interest me:

  • This blog’s busiest day, so far, was 18 March 2010 when my blog received 546 views;
  • As I type this, the blog has received 70 516 views “all-time”;
  • This blog began on TypePad back in the day and migrated to WordPress where it has pretty much remained.

So welcome to this moment in time … moving along to post 3 001 …






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