Feedback from Dis-Chem after our incident

I just received a call from Stan (I forgot his last name), a Dis-Chem director, after some intervention by Kerry Haggard who had her own experience with the Norwood Dis-Chem last week. The call was to find out about our terrible experience at the same Dis-Chem store a little while ago. I explained what happened and Stan was pretty understanding and concerned about our experience.

He mentioned Dis-Chem’s approach to complaints to me and I thought it was worth sharing. Apparently virtually all complaints Dis-Chem receives go to Dis-Chem’s MD, Ivan Saltzman, who reads them and passes them down to whichever director is responsible for the issue (as I understand it). He assured me that these complaints are received and considered. The channels they hear about seem to include sites like Hello Peter as well as their own complaints channels. Dis-Chem could probably benefit from using ORM solutions too considering that connected customers are using Twitter, Facebook and blogs to voice their concerns.

Anyway, he promised me a follow-up and I received a call from a lady responsible for store nurses about 5 minutes later. She is going to engage with the nurse who Gina dealt with and take appropriate steps.

I think our biggest issue in all of this is how Gina’s concerns were dealt with at store level. The Norwood Dis-Chem, in particular, seems to lack a decent service culture at the pharmacy and clinic at the back (although the old man who works at the over the counter side is generally very helpful).





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