The rain in Joburg falls mainly on the plain

We had quite a storm yesterday evening. The storm started while I was still at my office and I shot this video shortly before I left for home. What passes for my creative thought that went into the video is that I wanted to experience the growing storm through the rain on my large office windows.

The Rain from Paul Jacobson on Vimeo.

It wasn’t long before the storm became pretty intense with reports of main roads and highways being flooded, cars getting stuck on roads with rain water rising up to car windows.

The rain got so intense I was just seeing reports on Twitter about debris in the roads and fairly high level roads being under water. We were supposed to go to my mother in law for supper but our routes would have either taken us over rivers or along congested and flooded roads. We wound up changing our plans at the last minute and remained home (at which point the rain stopped!). I just didn’t relish the thought of becoming a news item with our two small children.

It looks like there is rain forecast for Johannesburg at least for the weekend so lots more rain is on the way.







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